Aeronautics companies – real deal or screens for crime lords?

Aeronautics companies – real deal or screens for crime lords?

Aeronautics companies –  real deal or screens for crime lords?

More than ever before, especially since the latest pandemic began we can hear different voices raising concerns regarding life on Earth. According to them, humans will have to relocate to a planet in a galaxy far far away if they wish to survive.

Most people are completely clueless about the existence of Michael Blum! Most, but not all! While for the majority of people this sounds like the beginning of an SCI-FI movie or book or a conspiracy theory, for some like Michael Blum it seems to be true as he got himself involved in aeronautics years ago.

Who is Michael Blum

Born and raised in Hong Kong but of a German family, Blum completed his education by taking honors in Economics and International Studies at the prestigious Yale University. The career of a venture capitalist he chose for himself brought him enormous success and connections in high places therefore he worked with various business giants such as PayPal, Vision Inc., and so on. Life was as it seems pretty kind to Blum who earned so much money that he could invest what he liked the most – space travel.


Mr. Blum began realizing his space travel fantasies by investing in Richard Bronson’s project Virgin Galactic and buying the ticket for SpaceShip Two that crashed similarly to the previous one. Losing all that money didn’t stop Michael to search for a way to complete his wish to go to outer space. Therefore together with others from Branson’s project, he got involved in XCor, an aeronautics company.

Connections and money enabled Blum to become CEO of the company. However, shortly after taking the position, he understood that things don’t play in his favor. Besides being known in the business world as the man who is reckless with the money, meaning that he doesn’t hesitate to invest in high-risk projects, Blum is also known for connections with the underground. What he didn’t count on when assumed the role of a CEO of what could be a prosperous company is that his reputation isn’t unknown to the interested public.

Crash of XCor

After learning the truth about the CEO of XCor, original shareholders and investors made a joint decision to withdraw their funds. They told to founders of the company that even if they believe in the honesty of XCor’s mission they cannot in good conscious invest in a company run by the lord of the sex industry. After several attempts to sort things out, Blum stepped down. However, XCor experienced a huge price and was forced to declare bankruptcy.

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