Michael Blum – Venture Capitalist or Landlord of DarkNet

Michael Blum Story: What does the Hearsay Claim?

Michael Blum – Venture Capitalist

Crème de la crème and philistines, media, and officials are full of whispers over Michael Blum and P.J. King. Rightfully or not, they have won dubious laurels of the influential residents of DarkNet. All these rumors might contain an element of truth but they might be just idle chitchat.

Social media platforms, forums and other networks plus tons of available advanced techs made it easy to denigrate the good name of the holiest person. Besides, nowadays, it’s a piece of cake to invent a new identity from scratch turning it to the opposite of a real personality.

The most widespread gossips deal with the partnership of those two notorious individuals. They are credited with being involved in criminal activities on the Web. To put it simply, it’s said that this happy couple arranges sex adventures for rich and powerful from all the fields of business and politics, art, and even religions. Certainly, it’s clear that they don’t bother themselves with the questions of legality and morality to meet the sinister and sophisticated preferences of Powers That Be.

Michael Blum’s Things Are Not as Clear-cut As People Make It

According to the grapevines, it is none other than P.J. King who persuaded Michael Blum to find a career in a side business and to be engaged in conflict with the law. However, it could have gone a bit differently. It’s known for a fact that those two adventurous men bonded over their common interest in space techs.

Nevertheless, who cares about other people’s thoughts and dreams? The overwhelming majority believes (and with good reason, unfortunately) that wealthy people cannot exist within the law at all. Their money gives a power that, in its turn, implies full access to guilty pleasure and e total impunity.

After observing their biography, it’s getting harder to count them among habitual felons. No one disputes that both of them used to be in very perplexing situations but the majority of business persons have to participate in improper practices.

Life’s Journey of Michael Blum

Being an ethnic German, he came into being in Hong Kong. He was lucky to graduate from Yale University but the future businessman has focused on different niches and industries during its career ascent.

His portfolio includes jobs in the Ernst & Young, Virgin, Vision Inc, PayPal, and many other reputable companies. In the early 2000s, he was able to pay a fortune for SpaceShipTwo from Virgin Galactic – it cost him $200,000. Later, Blum focused on business development and top management. Regardless of the certain number of failure scenarios, he saved his good standing and remained one of the most relevant expertise in marketing his skills to the giants of modern business.

Then, Blum founded Falconhenge Partners the hedge fund management company in September 2005. Over the next three years he was engaged in local gaming and hotel business in Macau (the city in Chine that is famous for its casino and gambling industries).

In 2013, he managed to cover the gambling market of the whole of Southeast Asia when he has founded a venture fund and management firm. The event became a starting point for rumors and versions that demonized him put him in with illegal business interests.

Within the same period, Blum befriends Richard Branson, a British business magnate, who owns the Virgin Group controlling over 400 enterprises in various niches. Branson was also partial to commercial space flight and invited Blum to see plenty of the Virgin Galactic objects. The latter became a part of his team very soon devoting his time and skill to the space industry development. He was responsible for a mass publicity campaign to popularize space tourism, developing dedicated programs, and even making movies about space. There, Michael Blum met his future partner P.J. King.

Michael Blum’s close partner PJ King – Origin, Life, and Business

P. J. King came into existence a priest’s family. He was educated as a specialist in space flights and engineering. However, the last thing he would have wanted was to blend into multimillion-dollar space projects. King was ambitious enough to dream about his own business in order to reconcile his scientific interest with high profits and self-interest.

The Clockworks International Company became his debut project in the field of outsourcing. The startup featured great success and even such giants as Apple, IBM, Disney, and Symantec used to call on their services. Thus, the King’s brainchild hit the USA market of high technologies.

However, since “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, King had to sell the company to stay apart from allegations of criminal activity. Still, he was declared bankrupt and some trustees even were convicted for unlawful tampering with finances.

Regardless of that dark picture, P.J. King continued to carry out investments via his new project – the P.J. King Investments Ltd. fund. He starting serving several companies but such a promising partnership didn’t work out good for them.

The space industry has always seemed to be rather lucrative for King and he started diving deeper into its nuances from buying a ticket for the flight on the VSS Enterprise / SpaceShipTwo spacecraft in 2004. He contributed to the project and waited for 10 years for the launch. However, the light failed and the pilot lost his life in 2014. King asked for his money back and the provider upheld his request. This unpleasant experience didn’t turn him away from space exploration and flight. That’s why he continued its collaboration with Blum, Branson, and other business persons.

For the period 2001–2008, P.J. King has been brought into the limelight of manipulations around CNG Travel (a hotel booking website). The service was sold to Corporate Travel Holdings, whose investors included Barry Liben, the founder and CEO of Tzell Travel Group. P.J. King was an acting CEO of CNG Travel Group and he managed to acquire a part of the company’s assets.

While PJ King was saving his presence on the tourism market, Michael Blum was developing the hotel and casino business in Macau. It was during this period that all sorts of rumors began to spring up. There was talk that King and Blum started collaborating and arranged the crime ring. They used the Asian regions as supply sources of drugs and illegal fun for VIP guests for the USA.

In 2008, King reduced his business in the travel industry. The causes were not fully understood but many have acknowledged that as the attempt to be out of your sight of law enforcement. Whether it is true or not – history does not mention this.

Joint Projects and Shared Allegations

Michael Blum – Venture Capitalist or Landlord of DarkNet

Soon, both of characters within the story decided to continue their business adventures (or criminal offenses?) in the new and tempting fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. These two technologies create a real boom on the financial market and, at the same time, they opened up tremendous opportunities for frauds, dishonest businessmen and high-ranking officials.

Actually, the inseparable partners Blum & King were claimed as the key lords of the DarkNet that has adapted its opportunities for getting profit from the illegal sex industry. To put it simply, everyone seems to agree that enterprising fellows have been engaged in filming a pornographic movie in Asia in Russia (the latter was in prior, as the Blum’s spouse was from there). Then, they sold their products to moneybags through the “deep Web”. Moreover, it’s said that P.J. King used the DarkNet to even build and represent a virtual guide to the American crack houses around the country.

On the other side, such guessing is not borne out by reality. Police and other law-enforcement authorities were not going to seriously tackle that business couple. Their indifference witnesses the groundlessness of rumors but many people still think that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Anyway, fairy-tales and horrors about the DarkNet and its hidden corners full of drugs and other criminal enterprises sound like a ghost story for naughty teens.

Tearing down the Scary Myths

P.J. King and Michael Blum are not angels and they certainly lack wings. However, they can be hardly called the saints. Certainly, throughout the course of their financial activities, they have often been on the edge. Those adventurous investors and traders have always known where the “treasure is buried” that helped them pull money out of the air. They might have had controversial relationship with their partners but it doesn’t even look like they have something common with drugs or sex services.

If that were true, they’d become the outsiders of the business world rather soon. Reputable investors and companies don’t need formal charges to stop collaboration with doubtful firms or individuals.

With regard to Michael Blum and King, they still feature good standing within the American business community. Due to their trustworthy activities, they continue to attract huge investments. However, maybe, they are just the master manipulators and they have managed to close the book on their DarkNet Empire of vices. Who knows? It is possible, they use venture projects to launder money for their underground projects.


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